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The technical and design
experience that watercube has
gained in more than 30 years of
activity is the core whence
its trademark style is born.

As a water features firm
specifically dedicated to design,
watercube design provides
strategic services and
consultancy in fields ranging
from research, engineering,
modelling and negotiation to
interactive adjustment, design
and re-design of high-end water

/ vision

We ignite water with passion,
making every effort to spread the
deep historical, architectural and
social value of fountains and
water features.

We proudly pursue the
excellence of Italian design,
undertaking amazing projects
aimed at bringing innovation and
beauty all over the world.

We use creativity, problem
solving and modern technologies
to offer our customers nothing
but the best: we basically design
to leave a mark, and this is why
we do it so well.

/ team

Watercube design is composed
of a multidisciplinary team of
professionals dealing with
research, concept design,
technical drawing, 3D modelling
and animation, but also with
engineering, architecture, and

The synergic collaboration of
creative and technical
personalities highly specialised
in the field of water features is
what enables us to develop
design solutions that are as
precise as touching.

/ sustainability

We firmly believe that our water
features, as distinctive
architectural elements, can
contribute to create better
places and to connect people
with the natural world.

We take the utmost care of
natural balances and we work
hard to avoid any negative
effects deriving from our buildings. Our
fountains are indeed conceived to run as
social catalysts that positively
affect the quality of life in an
environmentally responsible way.

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Watercube design
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Vicenza – Italy

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