EXPO 2015 – Milan, Italy / 2015

The Kuwait Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 has its main focus on the challenge with Nature. Modelled by Italo Rota on the shape of Dhows (traditional sailing vessels), the pavilion is dedicated to the three core themes of water, agriculture and energy. The exhibition is further divided into three theme-based routes: Kuwait’s traditional landscape, the scientific research needed to transform it and the thematic nucleus enclosing food, hospitality and the products of this Country.

The development and implementation of the concept by Italo Rota was assigned by Nussli to Progetto Cmr founded by Massimo Roj. The pavilion offers a fascinating view of the territory of Kuwait, its culture, its human and natural resources in a State born from a desert where it has been able to create its own wealth. It is the desert that welcomes visitors, who after a long promenade arrive at the event area where they are immersed in landscapes recreated by 360 degree projection.

From the canyon where the water plays with the rocks, you arrive in the heart of the pavilion, a huge glass model which recounts the history of the area, taking visitors on a tour inside its ‘small fortress’ (this is the meaning of the Arabic word from which Kuwait takes its name), from the different types of desert to the sea that washes the shores. Its highly scenic elements embody principles of recouping and saving natural energies. Surrounded by hydroponics outside (tomatoes, strawberries, salads), the largest space, used for dining and refreshment, is colored by the typical elements of the Arab souk and by a large central fire, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the flavors of the Middle East.

[from archilovers.com]

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