Tessera – Venice, Italy / 2017

The Venice International Airport new Passenger Terminal represents a prestigious city gateway, with innovative materials and a premium retail offer. The new design will provide the Airport with an extended capacity of 15 million passengers a year while responding to the Lagoon’s very fragile ecosystem and Venice’s historical center. The project proposal fills the gap, between building implementations on the landside areas and the airside area enlargement, with the construction of two new wings on both sides of the front terminal for a total 100.000 m2.

The new structure is destined to receive the departing and arriving passengers on various floors thus restoring pedestrian traffic circulation to an acceptable level of service. A complex roof reinterprets the renaissance docks hosting the Venetian fleets while a ribbon glass façade offers a last view of the city’s skyline.

A new glass roof at the passenger terminal entrance recalls the Venetian glass blowing tradition and its complex geometry will help travelers orientate themselves in the receiving hall. Combined with a reflecting water pool on the ground floor natural light floods in to all the surrounding spaces.


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