September 1st, 2020
understanding water / water as a remedy

From the standpoint of design, water is often used to entertain and excite people and nevertheless, on a greater scale, it is something that should be preserved.

The awareness that water represents an asset, together with the growing sensitivity in public opinion towards climate-related topics, points out how sustainable projects – and the role played by water within them – are more than ever relevant and important.

How to balance these two apparently contraposing needs?

Bellagio – public domain photo

How to balance these two apparently contraposing needs?

Contrary to popular belief, the matter does not require us to exclude either one of them.

Incorporating a water trick in any project in a way that enables us to safeguard its sustainability is absolutely possible. And that is not the end of it: as long as one is equipped with the right information and an adequate approach to planning, the integration of a water trick into a design project is capable of improving the environment we live in and fostering its wholesomeness.

The waterfeature outside the Museum of the Ara Pacis

In this sense, here are some of the main subject matters that need to be taken into account: water conservation and recycling through non-polluting, non-chemical alternative treatments; energy saving connected to rational choices in control systems, LED illumination and air-to-water hybrid systems; the usage of recyclable, low-polluting materials; the chance of accomplishing remarkable environmental benefits, as well as microclimate comfort, through air purifiers and ionizers.

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